A Minnesotan has won 'Jeopardy' four times in a row

The Minneapolis teacher has racked up more than $113,000.
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Sam Kavanaugh

A Minnesota man has put together a four-game winning streak on Jeopardy! and will go for a fifth straight win in Tuesday's taping of the trivia gameshow. 

Sam Kavanugh, a teacher in Minneapolis, has won $113,801 during his four-match win streak.

"As many of you know, being on this show has been something I've dreamed about, prepared for, and otherwise obsessed over for years," wrote Kavanaugh in a Facebook post before his impressive streak began. 

"I feel so grateful that I've finally been given the chance to say something foolish in front of The Most Trusted Man in America, Alex Trebek."

Kavanaugh is anything but foolish, and he'll go for a fifth straight victory Tuesday against a pair of Californians, one being a lawyer and the other a community volunteer. The show will air at 4:30 p.m. on NBC (KARE11). 

The Duluth News Tribune says Kavanaugh is 28 years old and grew up in Carlton, Minnesota. He is the son of two Duluth schoolteachers, graduating from Carlton High School in 2009 and Carleton College in Northfield in 2013. 

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