A pitcher's hug and a daring raccoon make Minnesota the talk of the nation

Minnesota has had two viral sensations in the space of two days.
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Minnesota has made national news twice in the space of two days, and isn't it refreshing that they both warm the heart.

At a time when the daily news is so often a cavalcade of division and destruction, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has provided two tonics for the soul firstly thanks to a show of sportsmanship, and then the death-defying antics of a critter.

On Monday, Mounds View pitcher Ty Koehn became national news after footage of the end of his school's section final game against Totino-Grace went viral (after first being reported by BMTN on Friday, we should add).

Video of Koehn running to embrace the old school friend he struck out instead of celebrating with his teammates won the hearts of America, as the nation's biggest sports media jumped on the story.

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– Daring raccoon makes it to the top of the UBS tower in St. Paul.

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By the end of the day, the moment had featured on ESPN's SportsCenter and was picked up by outlets including CBS Sports, NPR, Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, Barstool Sports and Sporting News.

The moment you see below has since been viewed millions of times via various outlets.

Fast-forward just 24 hours, and the actions of one plucky raccoon made St. Paul the top trending topic in America on Twitter Tuesday.

The critter, dubbed the #MPRRaccoon, started generating some local interest as it was spotted halfway up the UBS tower, but as his ascent continued and became increasingly perilous, millions tuned in to watch.

Live streams broadcast by local outlets including FOX 9 and KARE 11 garnered hundreds of thousands of viewers, meanwhile MPR reporter Tim Nelson – who first noticed the animal stranded on another building's ledge a day earlier – has become the go-to guy for everything raccoon-related, and doubled his social media following in the process.

It always helps when there's a happy ending, with the raccoon making it safely to the roof of the tower in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

By the time this had happened, notable names from across the country had given their two cents on the phenomenon.

Also, a shout out to St. Paul's John Moe for this excellent gag.

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