A St. Paul restaurant is offering free take-out breakfasts for kids in need

It comes amid the prospect of school shutdowns and social distancing.
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In a month in which bad news has seemingly been around every corner, here's a worthwhile reminder that there is so much good in our communities.

Today's example comes from St. Paul, where the Hope Breakfast Bar is offering free takeout breakfasts children in need.

The city is only just recovering from a four-day teacher's strike, and the sudden spread of coronavirus will at the very least see the cancelation of after-school programs, and could potentially see schools eventually shut down altogether.

So at a time where access to nutrition might be strained, the Hope Breakfast Bar is reaching out to those in need.

"At Hope we believe every child deserves breakfast," it wrote on its Facebook page Friday.

"With all the school closings and our changing world if you know a family in need please have them contact us: Brian@hopebreakfast.com. We will have breakfast ready and waiting they can just pull up and we will bring them a takeout bag for the family. HOPE.. Help..Other...People...Everyday."

The eatery at 1 South Leech Street, opposite Children's Hospital in St. Paul, is also asking for people to make donations so they can buy in-need families breakfast.

It also wants people to suggest families who might benefit from its offer. You can find more information here.

Let's face it, it's been a crappy year so far and things seem bleak at times, so if you have a positive story to share about people doing good in the community, or you need help doing good in the community, drop an email to news@bringmethenews.com and we'll see if we can feature your story.

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