A Surly Brewing hat popped up in a really unexpected place – Roger Stone's press conference

The brewery tracked down the hat wearer, and offered him free swag.
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There's no such thing as bad publicity, right?

That's a question Surly Brewing in Minneapolis was faced with on Friday when one of its branded hats showed up on national TV in a rather unexpected location.

That would be outside a Florida courthouse where Roger Stone, a former advisor to President Trump, gave an impromptu press conference after posting bail following his arrest early Friday morning in connection with the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation.

Sure enough, making an appearance on camera was the distinctive Surly logo, with the wearer sporting the cap back-to-front so the branding was facing the TV cameras.

It didn't take long before the brewery noticed it.

In terms of publicity, it's pretty darn good considering every network in the country broadcast Stone's presser, and the Surly wearer was front and center.

To thank him for his commitment to its beer, Surly utilized the power of social media to track the wearer down in order to "send him some swag."

The internet obliged, as it tends to do this these viral situations.

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