Acorn-hating, barefoot-running Minneapolis man sends internet nuts

We can't tell if this guy is just trolling everyone or is serious.
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A barefoot runner's angry post about the acorn-littered streets of Northeast Minneapolis is sweeping the internet.

It's so bizarre we can't tell if this barefoot runner (who is also, oh yes, an apparently "serious" unicyclist) is genuinely angry or is simply trolling the heck out of his neighborhood.

Either way, screenshots of the post made on the I LOVE NE MINNEAPOLIS group was shared on Twitter by group member Alex Conover, which has been retweeted thousands of times on the social media site.

"I'm not sure if many of you have stepped on acorns with no shoes before, but it is quite painful!" the complaint says, later adding that "I would hate to have to complain to the City about this, so just wanted to give everyone a heads up!" 

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Replies to the post were endless, and hilarious. 

"Maybe a pair of squirrels could be strapped to your feet...?" one response says.

Another of our favorites was "run with a leaf blower." 

Conover posted another screenshot on Twitter showing another barefoot runner guy post in the same group in which he was looking for a northeast Minneapolis unicycling group, because, as we mentioned earlier, he's an avid unicyclist. 

If this guy is genuinely serious, you have to give him props because he's obviously daring enough to run without shoes and ride a bike with one wheel. That's athleticism at its finest. 

Either way, Conover's screenshots have given everyone on Twitter a good laugh in soggy Minnesota, not to mention thousands across the country who are now aware of acorn-gate.

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