Adam Thielen's high school football teammate accidentally runs full Fargo marathon instead of half marathon

It's twice as far, but who's counting?
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There's gotta be something in the water in Detroit Lakes. 

First, Adam Thielen goes from obscure, hardly-recruited high school player all the way to the NFL where he's now a Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. 

Now, his former high school teammate Mike Kohler takes a wrong turn during a half marathon in Fargo and decides to finish the whole thing anyway.

That's 26.2 miles, a distance Kohler had never run before, and double the distance he was planning to run that day.

Kohler tells BMTN that he turned south when he should've turned north, putting him on the 26.2 mile course rather than the 13.1 mile half marathon he signed up to run. 

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It wasn't until he was eight miles into the race that he realized he went the wrong way, and once he reached 13.1 miles he decided to keep on going, just like Forrest Gump. 

What's more impressive: going from an under-recruited high school football player all the way to the NFL, or mentally preparing for a half marathon only to run twice as far without any training?

Back in high school, Kohler says he was the backup right guard when he played with Thielen, and they reached their section championship game. 

As for how he's feeling after finishing the marathon: "My left knee is a little sore yet, but that's it," he said. 

Moral of the story: if there's anything, and we mean anything you think you can't do, go to Detroit Lakes, drink a glass of water and then see what happens. 

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