After closing for January, Loring Park restaurant will shutter for good

The Bird was the latest attempt by the Bartmann Group to make it work in the Harmon Place space.
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The Bird Minneapolis

After almost three years of effort in a seemingly cursed Loring Park location, Kim Bartmann's restaurant group has called it quits at The Bird.

The Bird had announced it was closing temporarily for the typically slow month of January, but confirmed on Monday that the restaurant has "flown the coop."

In a post on its Instagram page, the restaurant at 1612 Harmon Place is shutting up shop, though will continue as a catering and breakfast/lunch delivery operation.

"The Bird’s ‘storefront’ operations are closed," the Instagram post noted. "Unfortunately, while The Bird was able to finally get off the ground with our breakfast and lunch business combined with being a night-time private party venue, we just didn’t have the capital to make it through another winter."

The Bartmann group opened the space in 2014 under the name The Third Bird. It closed down in January 2017 and re-opened shortly after as casual arcade concept Bearcat.

Bearcat, however, lasted little over a month, with Bartmann then revealing it would return as The Early Bird, later shortened to The Bird.

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The Bartmann Group has multiple restaurants across Minneapolis, including Barbette, the Red Stag Supperclub, Tiny Diner and Book Club.

"As we shift our focus, we want to thank our community, guests, and farmers who have supported The Bird over the years," the restaurant said. "We thank our employees who tried to make it work. We know some of you out there are hard core regulars who love the place; please know we loved serving you."

"Bartmann Group restaurants will continue to use catering and private events as a strategy to navigate the uncertain restaurant industry landscape," it added. "We’ll also continue to apply our placemaking and restaurant expertise to unusual and unwanted locations. Who knows? Bearcat could rise from the ashes somewhere else..."

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