After losing video game, Eagan man punched walls and threw knives

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On the same day that GameStop attracted criticism for staying open during the COVID crisis by claiming it is "essential retail," an Eagan man proved the retailer completely wrong.

Eagan Police Department, which was conducting a tweet-along featuring some of its officers on Twitter Thursday, was called to the home of an angry gamer during the afternoon.

"Cleared a call where an adult male was sent on a transport hold," the tweet said. "He lost in a video game & preceded to destroy the house punching walls, throwing knives, etc.

"He told us he'd rather fight us than go to the hospital. We politely convinced him otherwise and it ended peacefully."

With Americans being urged to stay home as much as possible to prevent the coronavirus spread, the demand for gaming will surely rise.

It's that perceived demand that saw GameStop argue that its stores across the U.S. should stay open in the event of "state lockdowns," saying they should be considered "essential retail" alongside grocery stores and pharmacies.

The claim has been met with derision and criticism, with the retailer slammed for insisting its staff still work despite the virus risk.

The Eagan gamer's knife-throwing antics should make it harder for the retailer to claim its service is "essential."

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