After Mayo Clinic acceptance letter fiasco, one student plots unusual revenge

Students who received acceptance letters by mistake have been left devastated.
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After being on the receiving end of one of the medical school acceptance letters mistakenly sent out by the Mayo Clinic, one prospective student has opted for an unusual revenge.

A GoFundMe campaign created in the wake of the Rochester hospital system's major gaffe seeks $3,500 to send the Mayo Clinic a 2,000-pound vat of, well, mayonnaise. (Hat-tip to CityPages for noticing it.)

At least, we assume it's a prospective student, it's hard to tell because the name given on the GoFundMe is the inappropriate (but pretty funny) "wiggle titties."

"On February 13th, 2020 the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine sent out 300 acceptances in a very large blunder," the fundraiser reads.

"They then waited for four hours to respond with an unapologetic rescinding of those acceptances followed by a phone call to place every individual on the waitlist. Out of spite, we are seeking this money to send 2,000 pounds of Mayonnaise directly to their Admissions Director, Dr. Philip Fischer. Thank you for supporting the cause."

The Mayo issued a public apology on Saturday after an error saw it send acceptance letters to 364 prospective medical students, even though its medical school only takes in about 50 new students annually.

"We are truly sorry to each of the students who were affected and are looking into the cause," it said.

Many of those in receipt of the acceptance letter have been discussing it on this student doctor message board (again, h/t CityPages) after they received the follow up calls from the Mayo, many of whom were told they're not on the "wait list."

It sounds like the Mayo is also offering help to students who had turned down other leading medical schools, or didn't apply to others as getting into the Mayo was their top priority.

"My interviewer sounded dead inside lol," one wrote. "Poor guy has probably read the same script 100 times already."

"The embarrassment of having to tell my parents that it was a lie… was the hardest thing," said one, while another wrote: "I just want to cry oh wait I’m doing that right now."

And one commenter, perhaps in the spirit of Mr./Mrs. Wiggle Titties above, wrote: "Fight me Mayo."

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