After months of persistence, Betsy Hodges finally gets a reply from Mark Hamill

The former Minneapolis mayor is a Luke Skywalker super fan.
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If you're a follower of Betsy Hodges on Twitter, you'll have noticed a change in the content of her posts since her tenure as Minneapolis mayor ended in January.

As well as embarking on a career as a speaker/writer/consultant, the former mayor is also seemingly determined to win the title of "Mark Hamill's Biggest Fan," should such a thing exist.

Over the past several months, Hodges has been increasingly tagging Hamill in tweets, and this persistence finally paid off on Friday, Hodges' birthday, when she got a reply from Luke Skywalker.

Aw bless, how can you not love Mark Hamill? He was one of the great characters in movie history, plays a mean "Joker," and is just an all-round nice guy.

Now her goal is complete, we can only assume Hodges' next plan is to get a similar reply from Bruce Springsteen, of whom she is also a mega fan.

Unfortunately, it looks like his Twitter account is mainly run by his PR team.

By the way, if you're wondering how often Hodges tweeted at Hamill, we found these from the past few months.

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