After Nice Ride pulls out, St. Paul will be without a bike-sharing service this summer

It comes after Lime announced it would not be bringing dockless bikes back to the capital.
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Nice Ride

St. Paul will be without a bike-sharing service this summer after Nice Ride confirmed it will not be returning.

Nice Ride on Tuesday announced its return to Minneapolis on Monday, Apr. 15, installing 575 dockless bike parking hubs to the city and almost 50 bike stations.

However, it will not be coming back to Minnesota's capital city.

"While the cities have gone down different paths for shared mobility operators and Nice Ride won't be in St. Paul this riding season, we are continuing the conversation with partners there and excited by the idea that the City of St. Paul may join us in our collaborative process," Nice Ride said in a statement sent to BMTN.

It'll leave St. Paul without a bike-sharing provider, with Nice Ride competitor Lime also announcing it would not be bringing its dockless bikes back this year, though Lime's electric rental scooters will be back for another season.

St. Paul last year decided to choose Lime as its dockless bike provider over Nice Ride, though Nice Ride still kept its bikes in the city for one more season as a courtesy to customers despite losing the contract.

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And the decision appears to have backfired on St. Paul now that Lime surprisingly pulled its bikes and Nice Ride no longer has a contract with the city.

The Pioneer Press reports the city is now working on getting some proposals for bike-sharing vendors for the city in 2019, with Nice Ride itself saying it hopes it can work with St. Paul again.

In Minneapolis, Nice Ride said it'll be focusing on expanding access in the city and making its service more equitable, ensuring bikes can be more easily found in the city's more deprived areas.

MPR notes that the company that runs Nice Ride in the Twin Cities, Motivate, was bought out by the ride-sharing giant Lyft.

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