Against incredible odds, Minnesota cow has quadruplets

The cow gave birth the same day the farming couple's daughter had a baby.
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A farming family in northern Minnesota witnessed a miraculous event on Thursday as one of their cows gave birth to four calves. 

Mama cow is doing well and all four calves, two bulls (male) and two heifers (female), survived and are off to strong starts. 

"A very unusual event yesterday. One cow gave birth to quadruplets. All are doing well. Mama was looking a bit overwhelmed but had them all cleaned up. From what we can find, chances of a cow giving birth to four calves is one in 11.2 million," Deb Beldo wrote on Facebook. 

According to a veterinarian who witnessed a similar event in California in 2012, the odds of a cow having quadruplets is one in 700,000, the Capital Press reports.

The one in 11.2 million odds Beldo refers to is the chances of quadruplets born of the same sex, while the chances of all four being the same sex and surviving is one in 179.2 million. 

If that's not crazy enough, Jamie Belz, the daughter of Deb Beldo, tells BMTN that she's one of four siblings, all of whom will or have had a new baby within a 12-month period.

In fact, the only reason Belz and her family drove to her parents' place near Sebeka from Forest Lake was to see her younger sister's new baby, which was born the same day as the calves. 

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A normal birthweight of a calf is about 75 pounds, but Belz says the quadruplets were only 20-25 pounds each, though all of them are doing well. 

Belz laughed and recounted what her dad said: "The funny thing is, these calves aren't even worth $20 right now."

As for naming the calves, they're taking suggestions from the general public. Hopefully they can come up with something as creative as a farmer in Lubbock, Texas, who had a cow give birth to quadruplets in 2015 and named them Eeny, Meeny, Miney and Moo.

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