Alabama man on a philanthropic lawn mowing mission arrives in Minneapolis

He offers free lawn care for the disabled, elderly, single moms and veterans.
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Rodney Smith Jr. is mowing lawns to change the world.

The Alabaman was inspired when he saw an elderly man trying to take care of his yard a few years ago, prompting him to found the Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

The service is a youth program that provides free lawn care to the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans who don't have the time or money to take care of their yards.

And for the second year in a row, Smith Jr. is mowing a lawn in every state of the country to spread the word about his mission to inspire America's youth to value their neighbors and make a difference in their communities.

On Thursday, the journey brings him to Minnesota, the 48th state on his list, and he announced he's looking for people in Minneapolis whose lawns are in real need of a tune-up.

This brought him to the homes of three Minneapolis residents, including single mother of two children with disabilities and a cancer survivor, whose gardens got some much needed TLC.

Since he started his organization, it has spread to eight chapters across the country, enlisting 150 children to help mow more than 2,000 lawns.

The program incentivizes kids by offering them a karate-style colored t-shirt system ranging from white to black, with each participant earning a new shirt for every 10 lawns they mow.

"I want the boys to follow in my footsteps and be better than me, and give back," Smith Jr. says.

Check out this video showing how Raising Men Lawn Care got its start.

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