Alexandria cafe's funny 'Degrees Below Zero Discount' is an online hit

Take a screenshot of the temp when you wake up, and you get that much off your meal.
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A restaurant in Alexandria has seen an opportunity in the frigidity by offering an unusual discount to customers.

The Travelers Inn Cafe, at 511 Broadway, will offer a discount on customers' bills equal to the temperature when they wake up between now and Friday.

So if you wake up and the air temperature is -31F, that's a 31 percent discount on your meal, with diners told to take a screenshot of their weather app when they wake up and bring it to the restaurant.

But it's the way the discount was announced that has people talking, as it was revealed in hilarious fashion by restaurant general manager Patrick Sieve on Facebook.

"Ok let's do some math: $28 dollar bill, 31 degrees below zero, that's a saving of $8.68," he says.

"Er, is it worth it? Erm probably not. Fair chance you're going to die but what are we supposed to do, sit in our house for the rest of the week? Get outta here."

The Travelers has been a mainstay of downtown Alexandria since 1926, and has been in the Sieve family's hands for more than 50 years.

By the way, the temperatures on Wednesday morning are going to be in the 33-34 below zero region – so paying a visit to the Travelers later in the day will get you a third off!

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