All pets adopted after huge turnout at Minneapolis 'Clear the Shelter' event

A fantastic day for Minneapolis Animal Care and Control.
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The pet adoption event that saw Minneapolis Animal Care and Control (MACC) waive its fees for five hours on Friday afternoon was a massive success.

The intent behind the event was to "Clear the Shelter" ahead of the holiday season, offering residents the chance to give a pet a home without having to pay the usual adoption fees.

The shelter succeeded in its aim, with around 300 people turning up for the chance of adopting one of the critters up for adoption.

Such was the demand that most of the animals had multiple applicants, and drawings had to take place to determine who would get to adopt them.

"Staff and volunteers expected about 50-100 people and the generosity of our MN community was greater than anticipated, so it was a *bit* chaotic in the building," the Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control wrote in a Facebook post.

"THANK YOU MINNESOTA! Us MACC volunteers are humbled by the support from our community that we saw today

Those who didn't go home with a pet were given a 50 percent off voucher for future adoptions from the MACC, redeemable before the end of the year.

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