Amazon website suffers glitches at start of 'Prime Day'

Users were given error messages and broken links.
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Amazon's longest ever "Prime Day" sale got off to a bad start on Monday, with its website beset by glitches.

Some users looking to check out the latest discounts were greeted with the above error message when they tried to access certain shopping pages.

Meanwhile, the link on Amazon's front page where you click on "Shop All Deals" hasn't been working, while the category pages in the bottom left just loops you back to the same, non-functioning "Shop All Deals" button.

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CNBC reports that shoppers are also reporting problems on Amazon's mobile app.

The sales got underway at 2 p.m. Central time and will run for 36 hours, making it Amazon's longest Prime Day yet.

The company hasn't yet commented on what's causing the problems, but CNBC notes that at the start of a 36-hour period in which it's expected to make $3.4 billion, the company's share price has been tumbling amid the website glitches.

The company was inundated with comments on social media users who found they couldn't access the sales.

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