An amusing address in the Twin Cities has gone viral

A tweet about a cut gas line became a viral hit on Thursday evening.
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An address in Brooklyn Center became the subject of juvenile sniggering (from this writer included) on Thursday after it was reported its gas line had been cut.

Now, any combination of "cutting" and "gas" automatically generates giggles, so add that to the many amusing elements to the tweet from Kenny Olson on Thursday evening.

Olson, the traffic reporter at 1500ESPN's "Garage Logic" who posts under the handle @MSP_Traffic, tweeted: "A gas line has been cut at 420 69th Ave North."

Needless to say, an address containing a combination of 420 (look it up) and 69th (don't look it up) didn't go unnoticed by Olson's 17,000 Twitter followers, who helped the tweet spread nationally.

As of 2 p.m. Friday it had been retweeted more than 3,200 times and liked almost 15,000 times.

The majority of the responses to the tweet were something along the lines of "Nice."

It turned out to be quite the hit for MSP_Traffic, with Olson showing that the tweet generated more than a million impressions.

Please spare a thought for the perfectly innocent person who lives at 420 69th Ave. North, who we can sincerely hope is not on Twitter

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