Angry deer chases man, confronts cop and barking dogs

The Jane doe was given a verbal warning and released.
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Like a bar drunk, a deer in northern Minnesota was picking fights with anyone who looked at it the wrong way. 

True story, according to the Ely Police Department. 

At around 9 p.m. Wednesday, Officer Brad Roy was patrolling a residential street on the west side of town, when he saw that a man walking his dog had a deer-stalker (sorry), as they were being chased down the street by the indignant mammal.

Roy got out of his squad and yelled at the deer, prompting it to stop for a moment before continuing its effort to run down the dog walker. 

Officer Roy yelled again, having no i-deer (sorry) how the Jane doe (sorry) would react, and in doing so became the new target for her ire.

Caught like a deer in headlights (sorry), Officer Roy was saved from a chasing of his own by two dogs across the street, who started barking.

Eager for a scrap, the deer ran across the street and started pounding its hoof against the fence separating it from the dogs.

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The Minnesota DNR was called by Officer Roy, who learned that the deer was likely the mother of a nearby newborn fawn. 

"Officer Roy gave the deer a verbal warning and she was sent on her way," Ely PD says. 

Seriously though, the DNR says a doe with fawns "may be aggressively protective" and people and pets should be kept away from them. 

Fawns are typically born mid-May through early June, so there are plenty of protective mamas out there. 

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