Another blow for St. Paul dining as Eastside haunt Ward 6 announces closure

The popular restaurant has been credited with rejuvenating Payne Avenue.
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It's not been a good few days for St. Paul bars.

After Fabulous Fern's announced it'll be closing on Wednesday, another popular city eatery has announced it too is shutting down.

Ward 6 confirmed in a Facebook post that its last day of service will be brunch this Sunday, June 3.

The bar and restaurant, which opened in 2012, had struggled financially for the past few years said, saying that for a "small restaurant that tries to do things the right way (as we see it)," the margins for error "are very, very small."

"There is only so long a restaurant can go on without making money, and we have come to the end of that road," it said.

The restaurant is credited in the Pioneer Press as being among the businesses that has helped rejuvenate Payne Avenue, taking up residence next to the old Hamm's brewery site in the city's Eastside neighborhood.

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"The love between Ward 6 and its Eastside community is special to us, and we’re proud of what we created and what we accomplished," Ward 6 said on Facebook.

"We’re forever grateful to the amazing people who have worked at Ward 6—they are the reason we’ve had success; they created an environment where everyone felt at home. We are confident that they’ll be able to take what they’ve learned from W6 and succeed in other restaurants around town."

Its goodbye message with a pointed reminder for Twin Cities diners, telling them: "And please, support your favorite local restaurants – chances are, they’re closer to this kind of situation than you might think."

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