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Another possible cougar sighting, this time in Eden Prairie

A resident shared the image below from their trail cam.
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Does the animal in the picture above look like a cougar to you? 

The City of Eden Prairie thinks it could very well be one, and has forwarded the picture taken from a resident's trail cam to the Minnesota DNR and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The sighting was captured south of Cold Stream Lane and Sunnybrook Road at 2:24 p.m. Monday.

It comes just over a week after several sightings of a cougar were reported in the Bloomington area, albeit nobody was able to grab a picture.

Human encounters with cougars are rare and most will avoid confrontation.

In the event yo have a confrontation, the DNR advises you raises your arms to make yourself larger and speak "loudly and firmly."

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"Do not run, crouch or lay on the ground," it adds, saying you should pick up children or small pets and back away slowly, never turning your back.

Do not shoot the animal even if livestock or pets are threatened, as they are a protected species.

The DNR notes there have been approximately 30 cougar sightings in Minnesota within the past 15 years

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