ApplianceSmart to close its last remaining Minnesota stores

Its Maplewood location has already shuttered, with Champlin to follow.
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ApplianceSmart will exit Minnesota for good in the coming weeks, as it closes down its last remaining store in the state.

A year ago, the appliance chain still had five locations in Minnesota, but its Apple Valley, Rochester and St. Paul locations closed down last summer.

Its Maplewood location followed last week, leaving only the Champlin store at 8900 109th Avenue, which will close next month.

The store is currently having a closing down sale, with the retailer noting that "everything must go."

Per the Star Tribune, ApplianceSmart at its height had 9 locations in the Twin Cities alone, as well as others in Georgia, Texas and Ohio.

The closure in Champlin will leave the company with a sole location in Ohio.

ApplianceSmart was a subsidiary of Appliance Recycling Centers of America, a company founded in 1976 in the Twin Cities by Jack Cameron, who served as CEO till 2014.

Live Ventures, a Las Vegas-based. company, bought ApplianceSmart in 2018 for $6.5 million.

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