Arcade Bar in St. Paul included in list of 'Best Dive Bars in America'

The Arcade Bar has won praise for recent tweaks by its new owners.

The Arcade Bar has been named one of the 33 "Best Dive Bars in America" by Thrillist.

The bar on St. Paul's Arcade Street has come in for praise from the national website for the recent changes that has taken it from "one of the diviest bars in the state to the best dive bar in Minnesota."

CityPages notes that the bar was sold in spring 2017, with the new owners making the kind of changes that "irk oldtimers."

But Thrillist thinks that the character of the bar has been retained despite a few alterations, and it can now be considered one of the finest dive bars in the country.

Here's what the website said: 

Thanks to a relatively recent quasi-renovation, St. Paul's Arcade Bar has transitioned from one of the diviest bars in the state to the best dive bar in Minnesota. The old checkerboard tile floor is gone, but her glorious neon sign and wooden beer-cooler doors remain. More importantly, the character of the place is intact.

"The Arcade's bartenders are happy to serve anyone with money to spend – they're also quick to remind offenders that bar rules prohibit crooked hats and foul language. This is the kind of joint that inspires conversation and laughter between strangers. If you're hungry, your choices are Slim Jims, microwaveable burgers and sandwiches, or Heggie's frozen pizza. There are new TVs at either end of the bar, a jukebox against the side wall, and a pool table in back. What more do you need for a second home?"

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