As he bring Mucci's to Minneapolis, Tim Niver still laments the closure of Meyvn

The second Mucci's could open as soon as next week.
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The worst kept secret in the Twin Cities restaurant scene is out: Minneapolis is getting its own Mucci's.

The phenomenally popular Italian in St. Paul's West Seventh neighborhood is adding a second location, taking over the Lyn-Lake spot recently vacated by bagel joint Meyvn.

Restaurateur Tim Niver finally confirmed the move on Thursday, coming as little surprise given that a "Mucci's" sign was erected outside the building weeks ago.

But while he's excited about the future of his new Mucci's venture, Niver is still hurting from having to close Meyvn in April.

The bagel joint won widespread acclaim after it opened last summer, but closed in April, with Niver telling the Star Tribune "we’re business people, and you have to know when something has momentum, and when it doesn’t."

In a frank Twitter thread he posted after confirming the opening of the second Mucci's, Niver said he couldn't describe "the amount of stress and disappointment I've felt since Meyvn closed."

"Opening a restaurant is hard but closing a restaurant is harder," he said, adding: "My partners were adversely effected and for that I feel guilt and shame. All i could do is keep working on things and try again.

"I felt like i wanted to run and hide. if it weren’t for the constant support and companionship of my wife and friends and coworkers and other partners i would have found it difficult to try again. add to that the my continuing financial obligations and my reputation to uphold.

"It is with humility and a desire to change course that we open Trattoria Mucci in the old Meyvn space. I’m not dwelling on past and feel a bright future for this next endeavor.

"I am as always indebted to you our guest for your gracious support. See you at Mucci’s very soon."

The Twin Cities Eater reports that the new Mucci's could open as soon as next week. You can find more details about it courtesy of the Eater here.

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