The women of HERbeat are taking taiko by storm.

Taiko, an ancient Japanese style of drumming, was traditionally reserved for men. TaikoArts Midwest is helping change that.

Part of the Ordway’s Music and Movement series, HERbeat: Taiko Women ALL-STARS brings together talented female taiko artists from North America and Japan for a two-week residency, culminating in an evening of drumming and performance.

The show will be at the Ordway in St. Paul on Saturday, February 29 at 7:30PM. Get your tickets by clicking here.

Striving for gender equity

HERbeat was created by TaikoArts Midwest, a nonprofit that creates and promotes taiko performance and uses it to build community.

The show’s creators hope HERbeat: Taiko Women ALL-STARS will keep up the momentum toward gender equity in taiko.

Taiko dates back thousands of years, but the trend toward women performing only began in recent decades. Now, according to taiko artist Jennifer Weir of HERbeat, over two-thirds of taiko performers are women.

Beyond the show: The HERbeat film

The story of HERbeat’s live performance and artist residency will also be captured on film.

TaikoArts Midwest raised over $55,000 in 2019 to fund the HERbeat film, a documentary that will share “untold stories of women in Taiko, following top US & Japanese artists as they prepare for a historic concert.”

The film’s award-winning director, Dawn Mikkleson of Emergence Pictures, will employ an all- female crew for the project.

Pre-show extra & bonus events

At 6:30 p.m., an hour before HERbeat: Taiko Women ALL-STARS starts, attendees can go to a pre-show Ordway Extra called The Untold Stories of Women in Taiko.

At the pre-event, you’ll get a sneak peak of the HERbeat film and have an opportunity to hear from film director Dawn Mikkleson.

Additionally, there will be three taiko-related events leading up to and following the HERbeat:

Taiko Women ALL-STARS performance. They include:

  • Taiko workshop with HERbeat artist Naomi Guilbert at the Ordway
  • Women & Taiko: Sparking Community Conversations
  • Public Workshops with HERbeat Artists: Mayumi Hashimoto, Chieko Kojima, and Kaoly Asano

Join the celebration and learn more about all of these events on the Ordway’s website.

Where to get tickets

Tickets prices range from $27 to 42 and can be purchased through the Ordway’s website or at the Ordway Box Office at 345 Washington Street in St. Paul.

Click here for more information and to get your tickets.

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