Attention, Minnesotan workers: Take more time off

Around 13.5 million vacation days go unused every year in Minnesota.
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Minnesotan workers are on average leaving around 6 vacation days a year unused.

If you're one of the 58 percent of Minnesotans who don't use all of their PTO, get out of here!

The finding has come from a study by Project Time Off, which identified the average time off accrued in each state and the amount taken off by workers as part of its State of American Vacation 2018 study.

We were a little incredulous when we saw that Minnesotans somehow rack up 24.5 days of vacation every year (seriously, where are these employers?).

Nonetheless, Minnesotans are still leaving just over 13.5 million vacation days unused every year, which corresponds to just under 6 days per worker.

Remarkably, this actually places Minnesota 5th in the country when it comes to taken our accrued PTO.

Last placed Montanans meanwhile only take 16.3 vacation days every year, albeit they only accrue 21.8 days on average.

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Project Time Off's research adds to the already significant body of research that states taking more time off is better for your health and personal relationships.

It found that workers who use most of their PTO are 20 percent more likely to be happy in their relationships, and 56 percent happier with their health and well-being compared to those taking little or no PTO.

Minnesotans prefer warm vacations (duh)

The study also found out a few more tidbits about Minnesotan vacation habits.

Unsurprisingly, Minnesotans prefer to head to warmer climates for their holidays, with 88 percent chasing the heat compared to 9 percent who prefer the cool.

Some 65 percent of Minnesotans opt for a relaxing vacation meanwhile, compared to 33 percent who go for an active one.

The same amount, 65 percent, prefer to indulge on vacation, while 32 percent keep it healthy.

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