ATV ride turns into camping trip, and more tales from this week's DNR reports

Oddities from the Labor Day weekend and more

If you're not familiar with them (or our near-weekly series), the Minnesota DNR issues every week a list of reports from its dozens of conservation officers patrolling the state.

The reports can often be fairly run-of-the-mill – issuing citations for fishing without a license, for example – but quite often they feature something unusual, or downright delightful. There's also the occasional pertinent PSA.

Here's a look at some of the stories that stood out from this week's reports:

Lost ATV rider spends night in woods

In Hinckley, CO Bret Grundmeier writes: "Time was spent searching for an ATV rider who got stuck in a swamp, got lost after trying to walk out of the woods after dark, and spent the night in the woods." He told BMTN that after DNR officers and Pine County sheriff's deputies searched for him overnight and the next morning, the lost person returned to his cabin safely. "He was tired and dehydrated but otherwise fine," Grundmeier said. 

Pack it in, pack it out

In Big Lake, CO Trent Seamans had a typical issue: littering. He writes that when he spoke with an individual who had left seven large bags of trash in the Sand Dunes State Forest, they told him "they left the bags in a visible area so somebody else could find them and pick them up." 

Buck rescue

Two conservation officers in Rochester responded to a call reporting two bucks locked together. When they got there, they were discussing how to safely intervene when the bucks "went head over heels into a deep pool of water, where one buck quickly drowned."

CO Clint Fitzgerald jumped into the water to save the other buck, which was being pulled down. As he held the buck's head above water, CO Annette Kyllo got a saw and cut the antlers from each other. Fitzgerald wrote: "The surviving buck climbed out of the creek after a few minutes of catching its breath and departed the area."

Illegal duck shooting, "as well as several other violations"

In Northern Minnesota's town of Blackduck, CO Demosthenes Regas writes he responded to a report that a landowner was shooting at wildlife from his dock. A resident said that the suspect had been shooting at ducks "because they had become a nuisance for defecating on the landowner’s dock."

Regas identified the suspect and recovered the carcasses of two hooded mergansers. He reports that "enforcement action was taken for taking waterfowl out of season as well as several other violations involved."

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