'Bachelorette' fans unhappy show interrupted by KSTP weather guy Dave Dahl

Well ... he did have quite important information to share.
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As the Twin Cities recovers from the dramatic deluge, spare a thought this morning for KSTP's Dave Dahl.

The meteorologist found himself trending on Twitter in Minneapolis for doing, well, his job by informing local viewers about the tornado and flash-flood warnings that were issued Monday evening.

Unfortunately, the warnings came during "The Bachelorette," prompting an angry response from devoted Twin Cities fans of the ABC hit show.

"No time for severe weather interruptions during fantasy suites, I am NOT here for this Dave Dahl," was one of the kinder tweets made about the weather guy, many of the others are too rude to share.

Judging by one tweet, the interruption by Dahl lasted roughly 11 long, purgatory-like minutes that saw viewers miss what we can only assume was the greatest scene in the history of "The Bachelorette," at least, that's what we assume by reading the somewhat hysterical responses.

Not everyone was unappreciative though, with some pointing out that, hey, maybe there's an important reason that people be informed about severe weather – not everyone is to be so lucky as to follow Bring Me The News (much to our regret.)

Keep on bringing us that weather news Dave.

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