Bear spotted in MN town: 'I got a little closer and this was no dog'

Police were able to chase the bear out of the city.
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bear in Litchfield

A Minnesota man on his way to work Wednesday morning saw what he thought was a large dog only to quickly realize that what he was looking at was a black bear. 

"So I was driving to work this morning and saw something cross the road and thought 'well that’s a big dog,'" said Cameron Lee Sundmark. "I got a little closer and this was no dog."

It certainly wasn't. It was actually a black bear roaming through the City of Litchfield. Sundmark spotted it on St. Paul Street, east of Anderson Chemical, which is located on the east side of town.

The bear then apparently moved north across Hwy. 12, where it was spotted in the parking lot of Felling Trailers, according to comments in a Facebook post that showed the bear running through a yard in a residential area

Litchfield Police Department tells Bring Me The News that officers chased the bear out of town, adding that it ran away to the north. 

With traffic reduced significantly because of the now-expired stay-at-home order, there have been more reports of wild animals bravely traversing through more densely populated areas. 

Earlier this month, a rather large bear was seen outside the entrance to the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. Of course, bear sightings in the Duluth area aren't uncommon, but seeing one as far south as Litchfield – located 65 miles straight west of Minneapolis in Meeker County – is fairly uncommon. 

Litchfield is located south of the most common areas to find black bears in Minnesota. Anyone who sees a bear in the green zone of the map below is encouraged to report it here to the DNR. 

The markers represent bear sightings. 

The markers represent bear sightings. 

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