Becca's hometown visits on 'The Bachelorette' were full of surprises

She thinks Garrett's tractor is sexy.
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Minnesota's Becca Kufrin is down to the final three bachelors after sending one of them home on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelorette."

If you haven't seen it yet and you don't want any spoilers, stop reading now. 

The episode featured two hours of Becca meeting families and visiting hometowns of the final four: Blake, Garrett, Colton and Jason. 

She starts with a trip to Garrett's family's farm in California, where they make out on a tractor, do a little tomato gardening and make out some more. All in all, it went well and Garrett's mother seemed genuinely impressed by Becca. Garrett also says "like" a lot and tells Becca that he loves her for about the billionth time. 

Next up, it's a trip to Buffalo, New York for a date with Jason, where they partake in a Buffalo wing eating contest, shoot some pucks at a local hockey rink and make out on a zamboni. Jason's mom then tells Becca that Jason loves her. Once his mom said it for him, Jason opened his mouth and said it himself, claiming to be "insanely, wildly in love" with her. 

Moving on, Becca heads to Blake's hometown in Colorado and finds out that Blake survived a school shooting. Blake attended Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, Colorado, the site of a school shooting and hostage situation that left two people dead in 2006. It was highly emotional but Becca gained a lot of admiration for Blake with how he handled it. 

Becca also got some more dirt on Blake's mother, who Blake says had affair with his high school basketball coach and English teacher. Despite his mother's drama, Becca is all about Blake and his family. 

"I can see Blake in my life forever, and his family in my life forever," she said.  

Her last visit was with Colton in Parker, Colorado, where they visited a children's hospital before meeting 18 members of his family. All was going well until Tia showed up and dropped a bomb on Becca. 

Tia, a contestant with Becca on the last season of The Bachelor, confessed that she still has feelings for Colton, whom she went on one date with before Colton was cast on the show. 

Of course, Tia's surprise had more to do with promoting Bachelor in Paradise than anything else, because ABC is already flashing promos with Tia and Colton on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Regardless, Colton didn't get a rose, leaving everyone to wait for Bachelor in Paradise to find out if he's still a virgin. 

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