Bemidji photographer captures amazing pictures of duck with 76 ducklings

There are many, many ducklings in a row.
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The work of Bemidji photographer Brent Cizek is being shared around the world thanks to his pictures of a female merganser duck and her 76 ducklings.

The mother hen and her brood of little ones have been spotted several times on Lake Bemidji by Cizek, a self-described hobby photographer whose images have now been picked up by international media as far away as Taiwan.

The "extraordinary" sighting has featured in the New York Times, and the National Audubon Society, the latter of which reports that big brood counts of 20-30 are not uncommon among ducks.

But a brood of 76? Now that is extremely rare, with the Audubon Society saying it's possible that she picked up ducklings that were separated from their mothers.

Cizek told the website that the first time he came across the ducks he shot 50 pictures, "praying that one was going to turn out sharp."

One did and it's gone global, and he's since been out on the lake more times to take additional pictures and video.

Richard O. Prum, an ornithologist at Yale University, described the sighting as "extraordinary" to the New York Times.

You can find more of Cizek's pictures on his website, his Instagram page, and on Twitter.

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