Ben & Jerry's new ice cream flavor honors Minnesota eco-group

The ice cream maker launched Pecan Resist on Tuesday.
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A Minnesota environmental organization is one of four national groups that are being honored with a new Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor – Pecan Resist.

The ice cream company says the new flavor is part of a campaign to "lick injustice" and create a more "just, equitable and environmentally sound nation for us all."

It has selected four groups that will be honored as part of the limited edition ice cream's launch, each of which will get a $25,000 contribution from Ben & Jerry's to support their work.

One of the groups selected is Honor the Earth, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that works on issues of climate change, renewable energy and environmental justice for indigenous communities.

It's working at the moment, for example, against the transportation of Canadian tar sands through Minnesota via its proposed "Line 3" project.

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Representatives of Honor the Earth were in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to receive the check from Ben & Jerry's, whose CEO Matthew McCarthy said they were proud to use its voice to support groups helping to fight climate change and for eco-justice.

The ice cream, by the way, is chocolate-flavored with white and dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts and fudge-covered almonds.

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