Best Buy follows Target by telling staff they can wear jeans

The electronics retailer has changed its dress code.
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Eight months after Target told its staff that jeans are now an acceptable part of the workplace uniform, Best Buy has done the same.

Workers have been told as of Wednesday they're welcome to wear blue or black denim as part of the official store uniform.

Best Buy says it's the first "major makeover" of the retail uniform since ... erm ... its last one six years ago, when it switched from khaki to black pants.

They'll now be able to don denim alongside the iconic Best Buy blue t-shirts, which have been the mainstay of the Best Buy uniform since 1989.

The announcement was made at Best Buy's Holiday Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas.

"Employees now can throw on their favorite blue or black jeans, so long as they’re in good shape — no rips, tears or distressing," Best Buy says. "If they prefer, they can continue wearing black pants or skirts."

The blue polos, meanwhile, can be worn tucked or untucked, but requires a belt when tucked.

As for shoes, employees have been told they can wear their favorite "kicks" no matter the color or style, provided they're "neat and clean, closed toe, flat and comfy."

Geek Squad staff members will also be allowed to wear jeans, provided they wear the black Geek Squad polo with them. If they're rocking white shirt and black tie, no jeans allowed.

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