Best parks in the country: Minneapolis, St. Paul finish 1-2 in park score rankings

Park size is the only thing keeping St. Paul from the top spot.
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Minnehaha Park

Minnehaha Park in Tangletown, Minneapolis. 

Once again, Minneapolis and St. Paul have knocked it out of the park when it comes to providing residents with amazing park options. 

Minneapolis finished first in the country for the sixth time in seven years of The Trust for Public Land ParkScore index. St. Paul is No. 2 overall, edging out destination park cities like Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. 

Here's the top 10, based on a maximum score of 100 points. 

  1. Minneapolis, MN 84.2
  2. Saint Paul, MN 82.4
  3. Washington, DC 81.9
  4. Arlington, VA 81.6
  5. San Francisco, CA 79.6
  6. Portland, OR 78.3
  7. Cincinnati, OH 78.2
  8. Chicago, IL 76.1
  9. New York, NY 74.8
  10. Irvine, CA 73.4 

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter said the Twin Cities have "set a high standard for what a successful park system looks like."

The scores are based on access to access, acreage, investment and amenities in city parks.

St. Paul outscored Minneapolis in park amenities but slipped to second place because Minneapolis has larger parks.

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St. Paul also leads the country with an average of 10.5 restrooms per 10,000 residents, compared to Minneapolis' 6.8. The national average is 2.4 restrooms.

The best parks in the Twin Cities?

It might be fun to make a summer plan where you visit all of the top parks in the Twin Cities. If you're up for the challenge, these are the parks with the best reviews, according to Trip Advisor.

Minneapolis top five 

  1. Minnehaha Park
  2. Loring Park
  3. Mill Ruins Park
  4. Gold Medal Park
  5. Witch's Hat Water Tower - Tower Hill Park

St. Paul top five

  1. Como Park
  2. Wabasha Street Caves
  3. Fort Snelling State Park
  4. Gateway Trail
  5. Como Lakeside Pavilion

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