Beverly Hills mansion where Prince once lived can now be yours

For about $30 million, that is.
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If you're a Prince fan with the money for this mansion, you're not just getting a house — you're getting a pretty cool Prince story to go with it.

The expansive property at 1235 Sierra Alta Way, available for purchase or lease, is situated near the fabled Sunset Strip in Beverly Hills.

It was once owned by former Utah Jazz player Carlos Boozer, and that's where Prince comes in. 

According to an ESPN "Tell Me a Story" interview, the Minnesota music legend rented the mansion from Boozer for a while in 2004. When Boozer stopped by the home a few months later, what he saw made him "really upset."

Check out Boozer's story:

The place had been turned into a veritable temple of Prince, with Boozer finding a long purple rug leading inside, pictures of Prince in every room, a disco club where the weight room had been, and other unexpected changes. 

According to the Daily Mail, even the lions atop the mansion's outside gates had been replaced — with Prince symbols. 

This, Daily Mail says, made Boozer "furious," though Prince made things right by wiring the basketball star $500,000 and promising to remove all his furnishings when his lease was up. 

Indeed, when Prince had vacated the property, "it was like he was never there," Boozer said. 

Interested? Here are your options: $29,995,000 to buy, or $80,000 a month to lease, according to the Oppenheim Group (the realtors selling the home). 

You'd be getting a lot for your money. The listing says the property includes 10 bedrooms, a ballroom, wine room, a tennis court, a gym, 4-car garage, and a grotto with a swim-up bar and waterslide. 

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