Bibelot gift stores will retire with its founder unless a buyer can be found

Roxy Freese is open to offers if someone wants to take over.
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The Twin Cities could be about to say goodbye to Bibelot after 52 years, with its founder heading for a well-earned retirement.

Roxy Freese opened her first store in Saint Anthony Park in 1966, with Bibelot making its name for its range of women's clothing, accessories, toys, home accents and gifts.

It's since expanded to three other locations, in Linden Hills, Northeast Minneapolis and St. Paul's Grand Avenue, but all four stores are set to close in the New Year as the now 86-year-old Freese plans to retire.

"After numerous expansions and 52 delight-filled years, it is time for me, as Bibelot’s founder and owner, and thus for Bibelot, to retire," she announced on Tuesday.

"Through the years Bibelot has touched many, many lives in meaningful and diverse ways. It has been an amazing journey!!! Bibelot has been blessed with appreciative, loyal customers and a talented, dedicated staff, both of which have equally made Bibelot's journey possible."

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But there may be hope for the small chain to survive, with Freese telling the Pioneer Press she's willing to listen to offers to keep the stores open, saying: "The store is for sale if a buyer comes forward, but who knows?"

In the meantime, sales at the stores will start on Wednesday, with a view to all four stores "retiring" possibly in January or February.

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