Big construction project planned for I-94, I-694, I-494 interchange

Enjoy the construction-free interchange while you can.
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The busy interchange where Interstates 94, 694 and 494 meet in Oakdale and Woodbury will be the site of significant construction beginning next year. 

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says it's a bridge safety reconstruction project that includes rebuilding ramps, putting in new southbound auxiliary lanes from 10th St. to I-94 and from I-94 to Tamarack Rd., widening the bridges over the interchanges, adding northbound and southbound buffer lanes and repairing the pavement. 

If that's like trying to understand a foreign language, here's essentially what it all means. 

  • Ramps will be safer for trucks, providing easier curves to avoid rollovers. 
  • Auxiliary lanes provide more room to speed up and slow down when entering or exiting a ramp. 
  • Buffer lanes allow for smoother merging on and off the bridge ramps. 

The bridges currently in place were built in 1966 and were given new bridge decks in 1984. 

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You can get a better look at a map that shows the plans right here.

The total cost of the project is just under $30 million. 

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