Big jump in heat, increasing storm potential Friday, Saturday

Temps will be 15+ degrees warmer Friday than they were Thursday.
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Lightning from a storm near Benson, Minnesota early this summer. 

It's going to be much warmer with a big boost in humidity across southern and central Minnesota Friday and Saturday, and there is a chance for severe storms to develop as well. 

Isolated non-severe storms are expected to develop Friday morning in southern and central Minnesota and then dissipate before another round of boomers develops later in the day in the eastern Dakotas. The second round has severe potential, with the primary threats coming in the forms of damaging winds and hail. 

"A combination of damaging winds and a few large hail reports should be the initial threat, with this threat transitioning primarily to damaging winds through late evening," says the Storm Prediction Center

Those storms will advance eastward into western Minnesota before losing strength the further east they go. 

Meanwhile, Friday will be hot with heat indices soaring in the 90s across southern Minnesota. Tropical dewpoints will make the hot air feel like it's 95+ in southwest Minnesota and between 90-95 in areas to the east, including Mankato (95) and the Twin Cities (92). 

Severe storm potential increases a little more on Saturday, although remnant cloud cover from what's left of Friday night's storms could be a limiting factor, but if the sun comes out the severe potential would likely increase.

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