Big ticket discounts for union members going to Sting's Ordway musical

The Last Ship arrives in St. Paul in April.
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Union members in Minnesota are able to grab themselves a deal to see Sting and his musical, The Last Ship, at The Ordway Center for Performing Arts.

The musical, which has won Tony Awards for Sting's songwriting, is arriving at the St. Paul theater in April for an 11-day run.

It's based partly on Sting's upbringing in Wallsend, England, centering on the collapse of the shipbuilding industry and the subsequent impact on the local community.

Given it is rooted in the labor union movement, union members in Minnesota are being offered tickets to three of the shows – on Apr. 8, 14 and 15 – at a price of just $49.

That represents a major discount on the regularly priced tickets, which range from $90 to $155.

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The musical stars Oliver Savile as the leading character, Gideon Fletcher, who is the "prodigal son" who returns to the shipyard after 17 years to find it's closing and his former love Meg (Frances McNamee) has moved on.

Sting played Jackie White, the foreman of the shipyard who rallies workers to take over and build one last ship.

Union members can use the promo code UNION to buy tickets at, or in-person at the Ordway box office. They will need to show their Union ID cards when picking up their tickets.

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