Birchwood, MFU bring their State Fair concept to Minneapolis' Mill District

The State Fair Minnesota Farmer's Union and Birchwood Cafe concept lives on

Each year, the Minneapolis staple Birchwood Cafe partners with the Minnesota Farmers Union to serve fresh, locally sourced meals at the Minnesota State Fair. 

In the absence of the fair this year, the partners have announced they're bringing their State Fair pop-up concept to a bricks-and-mortar location: the F+B, in the former Spoonriver spot in Minneapolis' Mill District.

Beginning Thursday, the F+B cafe will be open for takeout from 4 to 8 p.m. Thursday-Sunday on a weekly basis, with brunches on weekends. Lunch hours and delivery are planned for the near future, according to a press release, which says expanded hours might also be on the docket depending on the response. 

The menu will feature seasonal, locally sourced dishes, including the State Fair favorite heirloom tomato and sweet corn BLT, as well as treats from the State Fair Farmers Union Coffee Shop. 

The partners first announced their idea to launch a project in the former Spoonriver space when the restaurant closed in November

And while the long-term plan is to have a permanent resident at the location, the partnership is taking things slow initially given the pandemic, with the space still requiring some remodeling.

“Of course this wasn’t exactly what we envisioned when we announced our new endeavor last fall, but when COVID-19 hands you lemons, you make Lavender Lemonade, right?” said Birchwood founder Tracy Singleton.

"What’s essential right now is keeping our staff employed, uplifting and showcasing our local farmers and bringing our Good Real Food—food sourced, prepared and served toward cultivating a more equitable world—to a new audience downtown."

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