Bob Dylan's (possibly) biggest fan buys songwriter's boyhood home

The buyer also owns the house Dylan lived in until age 6.
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In a major coup for a major Bob Dylan fan, the second of two of Bob Dylan's boyhood homes has a new owner. 

That owner is Bill Pagel, who happens to also be the owner of Bob Dylan's first boyhood home in Duluth, where the singer-songwriter lived until he was six years old.

On Friday morning, Pagel announced the purchase on Facebook with a photo of the house and the following comment:

"Purchased a little fixer upper last week. Something to keep me occupied during the retirement years."

This house is in Hibbing, where Dylan — or Robert Zimmerman, as he was known in those days — finished growing up. 

The home, which boasts two stories and three bedrooms all within 875 sq. ft, is valued at nearly $84,000, according to Zillow numbers

According to the Star Tribune, Pagel makes his living as a pharmacist and is well known among collectors of Bob Dylan memorabilia, having displayed his collection in cities across the country. 

The paper says he plans to restore the house to how it looked when Dylan slept there, with an ultimate goal of turning both of the boyhood homes into a "museum project."

He bought the Duluth home in 2001, according to United Press International. 

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