Bon Appétit reviews 9 Twin Cities Juicy Lucy burgers

So. Much. Cheese.
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There's another respected foodie with a big opinion about which restaurant or bar makes the best Juicy Lucy in the Twin Cities. 

Alex Delaney, the associate editor of Bon Appétit, was in town recently and he tasted nine Juicy Lucy burgers at in one day, leaving him as stuffed with cheese as the burgers Minnesota made famous. 

Delaney was looking for burgers that featured seasoned and hard-seared meat, no fancy cheese and just a simple, soft bun. 

His top three: 

  1. The Nook
  2. Matt's Bar
  3. Groveland Tap

Here's his Lucy-by-Lucy review, including the nickname he gave each burger, as seen in the video above.

The Blue Door Pub

"Really good," said Delaney. 

Nickname: "The Longfellow Legend"

Groveland Tap

"This is juicy as all hell," said Delaney after his first bite sent cheese squirting out the front and back of the burger. "It's like liquid cheese and it's soaking into the patty." 

Nickname: "The Minnehaha Burger"

The Nook

Delaney raved out the simple, soft bun, saying it "lets the burger shine." Former Twins closer Glen Perkins agreed. 

Nickname: "The Closer Burger" 

Peppers and Fries

"It's extremely flavorful, very creamy," said Delaney, then commenting on how Peppers and Fries gives off a nice sports bar vibe. 

Nickname: "The Bleacher Burger"

The 5-8 Club

"It's a very cheesy patty but it's spread out across that patty so you get meat and cheese with each bite. There is a lot of bun to this patty though." 

Nickname: "The Pillsbury Lucy"

Matt's Bar

"It's not going to change anytime soon, and it definitely doesn't need to." 

Nickname: "The Old Standby Burger"

Hell's Kitchen

"The cheese distribution is a little bit off, it's all kind of in the center. This is kind of like the opposite of what we had at Matt's [Bar]."

Nickname: "The Overachiever Burger"

508 Bar & Restaurant

"Two identical slices of bacon, two identical pickles, and there's enough here for probably two meals. 

Nickname: "The Twin Cities Burger

The Crooked Pint

"This is obviously a messy burger," Delaney said. "You're going to be a little dirty after eating this one." 

Nickname: "The Pig Pen Burger"

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