Boy who brings donuts to nation's cops visits Twin Cities

The 10-year-old has visited 27 states in 2 years.
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Tyler Carach is on a mission. A mission to deliver donuts to police officers in every state of the country to thank them of their service.

This week the 10 year old, who calls himself "The Donut Boy," has been visiting police departments in the Twin Cities.

He made stops in Roseville, St. Paul and Anoka police departments the past few days, meeting officers and K-9s alike.

Obviously, he brought a copious supply of donuts with him.

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In the past two years, the Florida native has visited 27 states and handed out more than 50,000 donuts.

It started in summer 2016, when the youth bought four deputies donuts with his allowance after coming across them at his local store.

As he writes, he asked his mother why the officers were so excited by his gift, and she explained that difficult relations between police and the public right now.

"She explained that you can never judge a whole by a few because there is no group that is 100% perfect and the officers were super excited about the snack because they were happy to be appreciated," he writes. 

He calls his enterprise "I DONUT Need a Reason to THANK a Cop," which has its own website.

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