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Boys find the badge lost by sheriff's captain 30 years ago

He spent hours looking for it the night he lost it.
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A sheriff's captain in northern Minnesota has been reunited with the police badge he lost 30 years ago.

Capt. Joe Meyer remembers when he lost the badge on a wintry night in Crow Wing County, as he responded to a car that had run into a ditch.

He had his winter jacket on at the time, and sometime during the course of the rescue the badge fell into the snow.

"It was my first badge I had, and it was issued to me with my name on, and I came back and I looked through the deep snow for hours, but could never find it."

Well now he's been reunited with it thanks to brothers Zeke and Rex Larson, of Nisswa, who were on a trail when something shiny caught their eye.

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They found the sheriff's badge partially buried and upon seeing the name on it, brought it to the sheriff's office.

"Thank you so much guys I really appreciate it, this is quite remarkable," Mayer said to the boys, and presented them both with commemorative sheriff's badges of their own.

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