Boy's hot dog stand has become a North Minneapolis landmark

The community has been wholehearted in its support.
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The 13-year-old boy who now has license to sell hot dogs in North Minneapolis has seen his stand become a local landmark.

Since the City of Minneapolis officially approved his stand a month ago, Jaequan Faulkner has been capitalizing on his new status as one of the city's young celebrities.

And the community rallying to support him, keeping him plenty busy at his business, which he runs during the summer break.

This week, a generous customer, Njim Lloyd, went and bought 50 hot dogs from Faulkner, and told him to give them to any North Side kids who wanted one.

"I just met this young boss slanging hot dogs in front of the 4th precinct. I supported his hustle by buying 50 hot dogs for the north side kids so send your kids up there for a free hot dog," he wrote on Facebook.

His post on Thursday was shared almost 300 times.

It's just the latest example of the community coming out to support the young entrepreneur.

A few weeks back, officers from the Minneapolis police 4th District surprised Faulkner by presenting him with a new hot dog stand, which officers had bought with their own money.

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Showing not just entrepreneurial spirit, but philanthropic too, MPR reports that Faulkner intends to donate 25 cents from each dog he sells next year to organizations raising awareness about youth depression.

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