Buffalo Wild Wings takes shot at the Astros, apologizes when Houston whines

Don't apologize, B-Dubs. They're cheats.
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As we now all know, the Houston Astros are cheats, and their 2017 World Series "victory" should be asterisked for eternity.

They compounded their sign-stealing disgrace with a series of embarrassing public statements this week, and it's fair to say they're fair game for criticism in the baseball world and beyond.

Among those taking shots at the Astros was Buffalo Wild Wings, the Minnesota-based beer and wings chain that is a popular haunt for sports fans all over.

The chain posted the following on its Twitter account Friday, comparing MLB's soft punishment of the Astros to what's happening in Europe, where English Premier League team Manchester City has been banned from European competition for two years for breaking financial rules.

B-Dubs has been getting sassy all week with the Astros fallout, and this apparently was a step too far for fans of the Astros, who appear to have had the most almighty of hissy fits.

There were calls for Houstonians to boycott B-Dubs, with examples of fans reactions including this clearly level-headed chap who decided to cut up his gift card.

Regrettably it sparked B-Dubs into a humble climbdown on Saturday, aware that as it has seven locations in Houston – some of them likely franchised – it's not the best business move to mock a team with many fans, no matter how corrupt the organization is that they support.

The B-Dubs social media team was in pretty good form last week.

When news emerged that MLB was considering a new playoff system where the top seeds can pick their playoff opponents – they took a pretty darn good shot at the Twins.

Unlike Astros fans, this shot didn't prompt Minnesotans to angrily tweet for boycotts, while their wet tears dripped onto their cellphone screens.

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