Busch is giving Minnesotans $1 off beer for every inch of snow that falls

Erm...this seems like a bad business move.
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The more snow falls in Minnesota this winter, the more money you get off your beer.

That's thanks to Anheuser-Busch, which is offering $1 rebates on packs of Busch, Busch Light and Busch Non-Alcoholic for every inch of snow that falls in the state between Jan. 1 and Mar. 20.

The offer is open to seven midwestern states, though so far only $1.20 off can be obtained given the lack of snow so far this January.

That should change this weekend, with a major storm set to hammer the Twin Cities and much of the state.

Given that last winter saw 77.1 inches of snow fall at MSP Airport during the season, we could enter the kind of territory where Busch is actually paying Minnesotans to drink their beer.

That's why they've wisely added a $30 cap on the rebate, so their profits aren't completely decimated.

You can find out how to take advantage of the rebate here.

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