Canada Goose opens MOA store with a -13F 'Cold Room'

13 below? That's nothing.
Canada goose moa

In what is only its fifth "flagship store" in North America, Canada Goose opened its doors at the Mall of America on Thursday.

The Canadian winter clothing manufacturer's famous winter parkas range from $725 to a whopping $1,595 for its showpiece "snow mantra" coat.

What's more, you'll be able to test the parkas out in conditions approaching – if not quite at – the worst of Minnesota winter.

That's thanks to a "Cold Room" within the store, which lets customers try out their winter wear in temperatures as low as 13 below.

Ok, so that's pretty cold, but not quite the 30-40 below we saw during last year's Polar Vortex. 


The store will also sell Canada Goose's full range of outerwear, knitwear and winter accessories.

The distinctive store will also be home to "Canadian inspired design elements" including a cash desk "carved from a single piece of marble sourced from a quarry in British Columbia," and the sculpture of a bear by Nunavut artist Saimaiyu Akesuk.

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"Canada Goose is a brand that understands the need for bringing unique concepts to their customers," said MOA VP of Leasing Carrie Charleston. 

"Allowing guest to test their outerwear in a polar like atmosphere makes for the perfect experience… even when Minnesotans are already used to those frigid temperatures."

Speaking to the Star Tribune, Canada Goose's CEO Dani Reiss said he realized the Twin Cities would be perfect for his company when he was here for Super Bowl LII, held at U.S. Bank Stadium during a frigid February.

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