Canada is now the closest source of legal marijuana for Minnesotans

Canada is just the 2nd nation to approve a nationwide regulated pot market.
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Canadians are in high spirits on Wednesday, because their country became just the 2nd in the world to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana.

Canada joins Uruguay to approve the legal production, sale and consumption of marijuana, allowing anyone over the age of 18 to buy, carry and share up to 30 grams of marijuana in public.

They'll also be able to grow up to 4 plants in their homes, and make edibles for personal use.

It will mean that Canada is the closest source of legal marijuana available to Minnesotans, at least until we know the outcome of North Dakota's vote on whether to legalize the drug this coming November.

Currently, the closest state with legal recreational weed to Minnesota is Colorado, which either requires a 2-hour flight or a drive of 10 hours (13 if you're going to Denver) from the Twin Cities.

Depending on where you live, Thunder Bay or Fort Frances will be much closer destinations for those seeking recreational pot, though CNN reports it could be a while before there is enough supply for stores to meet the initial demand.

Fort Frances, a hop across the border from International Falls, is just under 5 hours away from the Twin Cities by car, while Thunder Bay is a shade under 6 hours.

Duluthians won't have as far to go, given they're around 3 hours from the Canadian border.

Just a word of warning for anyone thinking of paying Canada a visit for recreational weed purposes, don't bring it across the border in either direction. It would be a really dumb idea that will probably lead to federal charges on either side of the border.

The potential for legalized recreational pot in Minnesota has been brought up several times during the election campaign.

DFL gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz is in favor of legalizing, as is AG candidate Keith Ellison, while GOP gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson is against it.

A KSTP poll found that 56 percent of Minnesota voters would support legalization of weed for those over 21, compared to 35 percent who said no.

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