Caribou Coffee debuts new cold press shandy - yes, that is iced coffee with lemonade

Does this sound good or gross?
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The shandy has proven itself a go-to summer beverage for many beer drinkers.

Caribou Coffee thinks it might work for coffee-lovers as well.

The chain is debuting its summer drink lineup this week, highlighted by the Cold Press Shandy. It is indeed exactly what it sounds like: cold press coffee mixed with lemonade, a combination Caribou characterizes in a press release as a "refreshing twist."

It is apparently a thing ... think of it as a coffee Arnold Palmer.

"You Need to Try Coffee Lemonade," Eater said in 2016.

"Coffee lemonade is not gross seriously try it this summer," Slate insisted last year.

You'll be able to at Caribou for a limited time, starting Thursday, May 2.

Also coming to the summer menu is the Cold Press Mule - cold press with ginger ale and stone fruit, a la a Moscow Mule.

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The bubble tea drinks are also returning, including a new coconut mango black tea flavor. This time, Caribou says, they're completely free of artificial colors and sweeteners.

Nitro-infused options are coming back as well, with Caribou teasing further Nitro flavors in July.

You can see the summer menu options here.

Caribou recently rolled out limited-run coffee-malt drinks at stores, and opened a revamped shop experience in Edina featuring new menu options, including Izzy's Ice Cream.

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