Caribou Coffee renames large drinks 'Bombas' during Twins playoffs push

'I'll have a Bomba iced coffee,' one would say.
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If you're ordering a large coffee from Caribou from Friday onwards, better ask for a "bomba."

That's because the Minnesota-based coffee chain has renamed its large drink sizes in honor of the Minnesota Twins' bid to reach the World Series.

The new name comes into play on Friday and lasts throughout the best-of-5 series against the Yankees.

The name references the "Bomba Squad" of Twins batters who set a new Major League Baseball record for the most home runs in a season with 307.

Caribou has said it will donate a portion of all proceeds from "Bomba" drinks to the Twins Community Fund, along with $1,000 for every home run hit during the ALDS.

"We're ready to fuel fans for a long playoff run while also doing some good with the Twins Community Fund," said Caribou spokeswoman Kayleen Tucker.

"Bomba SZN is here! Size up your favorite Caribou beverage to a large this week and let's cheer on our Twins by swinging for the fences."

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